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A screen with excellent light permeability

Clear visibility and excellent anti-insect protection


A screen with clear visibility.
"ClearScreen" is a next-generation screen that affords a fine view, excellent ventilation ability and protection against insects for your comfort--thanks to a finely woven, small-diameter wire mesh.
Installation locations
Double sliding window


Outstanding ability to command a fine view

ClearScreen's mesh is woven from small-diameter, dark monofilament wire, providing clear visibility approximating that of window glass.

Enhanced protection against insects

ClearScreen's increased mesh density (33 mesh, compared to the conventional 18 mesh) prevents even small insects such as biting midges from entering, ensuring a comfortable environment even for sensitive babies.

Outstanding ventilation ability

By reducing the wire diameter to half or less that of conventional ones, we have increased the open area ratio by 15-20%. This ensures outstanding ventilation while enhancing anti-insect protection.

Special mesh retaining system

Our mesh-retaining method utilizes both hard and soft materials, ensuring secure mesh retention.

Product variety

ClearScreen (for homes)

Stain Color Bronze Black

ClearScreen (for apartment buildings/offices)

These models have dedicated fittings for building sashes that can be installed in apartments/office buildings.
Note that fittings vary depending on the type of sash installed.
Stain Color Bronze Black