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Hybrid construction material

SK series

The weak point of general resin construction materials is the relatively large thermal expansion and contraction compared to natural lumber. The SEIKI hybrid construction material "SK series" is an epoch-making material which overcomes this weakness through resin foam molded with an aluminum core. As a result, the SK series has many advantages over natural lumber. Through the use of recycled resins, these materials are environmentally friendly.



Reduced expansion and contraction!

By molding the resin with an aluminum core, the amount of linear expansion is greatly reduced.

Does not rot!

PS (polystyrene) resin provides excellent rot-resistance.

Consistant quality

Consistent manufactured quality.

Ease of installation

Will not crack or splinter. Screws, nails and saws can be used just like conventional lumber.

Environmentally friendly

Recycled resin is used in the SK series. (EcoMark-certified product)

Installation example