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Hybrid construction material

Synthetic Lumber

New materials which do not rot even when wet! and do not crack of splinter. These are safe, comfortable and durable materials with the realistic quality of natural lumber.


Does not rot even when wet.

Resin foams used in foam packaging have been adapted for these synthetic lumbers.
Retain a clean appearance since they are water-resistant and do not rot.

Increased strength from an aluminum core.

Molded with an aluminum core, the strength of the material is increased while expansion and contraction are suppressed.

Excellent weather resistance.

Weather resistance is increased by using a special resin combined with wood flour on the surface layer.

Beautiful lumber quality.

Special resin combined with wood flour on the surface layer provides a realistic lumber quality and a pleasant texture.

Can be cut by saw.

Screws, nails and saws can be used just like conventional lumber. Also, this synthetic lumber can be joined with an adhesive.

Various choices.

To respond to a wider range of needs, there are various choices of nine types with different thicknesses and widths, each featuring three colors.

Maple white (MW) Wood grain (M) Aroma gray (AG)

Installation example