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Pleated Mesh screens for decorative windows

Almarde II

The only versatile type of pleated mesh screen series.
This is a compact storable screen suitable for decorative windows, and is easily installed.

Installation locations
Single out-swinging window Double sliding window Double out-swinging window
Double-hung window Outward projecting window Balcony door
Deck door
Terrace door


Simple storage!

Pleated mesh is stored compactly in the vertical sill without impairing the view from the window.
Easily installed on small windows.

Single hand operation can be opened and closed smoothly with minimal effort.

The unique wire tension system allows the screen to be opened and closed smoothly with minimal effort.

Equipped with a hook to reduce wind effects.

Hook reduces the mesh flexure caused by the wind, assisting smooth opening and closing.

Compatible with high sashes!

Compatible with up to 2,800 mm in height [H]!
Can be installed on high sashes.

Easy cleaning significantly reduces time spent caring for the product.

You can clean the mesh using a sponge or cloth while the mesh is attached to the sash. In addition, the mesh can be kept clean longer, as it is not exposed to the elements when not in use, such as winter season.

Product variety

Single sliding Double sliding
White Silver Stain color Bronze Dark bronze Black

Installation example

Double/single out-swinging window

Outward projecting window

Single out-swinging window


How to care for screens