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Pleated Mesh screens for doors

Plus Door-my

Barrier-free (Low profile bottom rail) type developed for safety and comfort incorporating automatic closing.

Installation locations
Entrance door Back door Balcony door
Deck door
Terrace door


Pleated Mesh storage system enabling simple slide-out and storage

Simple slide-out and storage, as well as smooth sliding open and close. Compact storage offers no obstruction to entry or exit. Open and close operation can be performed with a single hand. The unique wire tension system allows you to hold any position of the slide bar to open and close the screen.

Smooth entry and exit, and easy to clean.
Flat designed barrier-free type with only a 3 mm high lower rail.

The lower bottom rail height is 3 mm, which is safe and stumble-free, for smooth entry and exit. The rail does not get in the way of a baby carriage or a wheelchair, and allows for ease of cleaning.

Maximum available dimensions are 1,500 mm in width, and 2,520 mm in height (for Z type).
Easy installation on large entrances!

Large main entrance doors can be problematic for screen installation.
The large dimensions of the Z type (Maximum available dimensions are 1,500 mm in width, and 2,520 mm in height) make installation on large doors (such as winged doors) easy.

Can be installed even if there is a door closer
Door closer escape makes it compatible with various doors!

Door closers often make screen installation difficult. Plus Door-my is available in three variations suitable for a variety of door closure installations.
X type Y type Z type

Product variety

Single sliding
White Stain color Dark bronze Black

Installation example

Back door

Deck door


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