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How to care for pleated mesh screens

Place your hands on both sides of the screen, then wipe the mesh vertically along the pleat line as if kneading it.

Daily care

Beat the dust off lightly with a duster, and then wipe the screen using a lightly wrung cloth or sponge.
Accumulation of dust, debris, and pet hairs may cause rough opening and closing or other faults. Frequently remove accumulation with a vacuum cleaner.

For heavy dirt

Wipe using a wrung cloth that is soaked in mild detergent dissolved in lukewarm water, then wipe using a wrung cloth damped with fresh water.

Recommended care items

We recommend using a microfiber cloth when caring for the screen rather than a normal rag. Although slightly more expensive than a normal rag, they are excellent for cleaning with a small amount of water and are reusable.


  • Dry the screen well before storing it.
  • Do not rub the mesh and aluminum frame with a metallic brush, even when heavily soiled. Doing so may cause damage.
  • Do not use thinner, benzine, alcohol-based cleansers, acid or alkaline detergents, or similar solvents when cleaning. Doing so could result in discoloration or deterioration of the screen.