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Horizontal slide roll screens for doors II

Roll Free II

The “Roll Free II” screen can be opened by just sliding with minimal effort.
This screen is produced with a new barrier-free (Low profile) design providing for ease of use and functionality.

Installation locations
Entrance door Back door Balcony door
Deck door
Terrace door


Barrier-free (Low profile) design with only a 3mm high lower rail

Scratch-resistant aluminum is used for the lower rail. This was flat designed to be 3 mm high and safe, presenting no entry obstruction and easy cleaning.

Ease of use

The screen can be smoothly opened and closed by just sliding with minimal effort.

Storage type “rope piece” with a simple design

When the screen is stored, the new mechanism rope piece is also completely stored in the case, and only the 3 mm high lower rail is left underfoot. When use, the rail slides out and ensures protection against insects. (Patented product).

Excellent protection against insects

The rope piece and the fasteners at the top and bottom of the screen prevent insects from entering. Also, this system prevents the mesh from detaching in the wind. (Patented product)

Outstanding installation ability

The upper rail is equipped with a spring. This provides an adjustable space of +/- 10 mm for perfect fit without any gap.

Main unit easily removable

The screen can be easily installed with only slide locks. As it is removable, it can be wiped inside or outside.

* Completely dry the screen in a well-ventilated place after wiping it.

Product variety

Single sliding Double sliding
White Silver Stain color Bronze Dark bronze Black

Installation example




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