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Roll-up screens for decorative windows

Seroa II

Seroa II is a screen that can be stored by rolling it up.
Spring type and chain cord type are available.
This screen is tightly sealed to effectively prevent insects from entering.

Installation locations
Single out-swinging window Double out-swinging window Double-hung window Outward projecting window


Compact design for easy storage

Seroa II has a slim body for easy fitting to the window frame.
This screen creates an open, bright atmosphere and does not impair views from the window.

Excellent protection against insects and tight seal performance

The unique guide rail system with tight seal performance provides excellent protection against insects. (Patented product)

Product variety

S type C type
Hold the grip on the bottom bar and then release the stopper at the bottom of the rail to open or close the screen. Use the chain cord attached to the screen body to open and close the screen.

S model (spring type)

The spring type offers easy opening and closing. The screen can be smoothly stored with a one-touch operation.

C model (chain cord type)

Even tall windows can be easily opened and closed with the chain cord.
White Silver Stain color Bronze Dark bronze Black

Installation example

Single out-swinging window

Deck door


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